Demand That IF TRUMP FIRES Mueller,

Robert Mueller was the second longest serving FBI director since
J Edgar Hoover and is respected by law enforcement officers nationwide.
He was appointed by George W. Bush and served for 12 years.
He is a military hero and served in Vietnam, where he earned a Bronze Star for heroism and a Purple Heart. 

But now, Donald Trump is threatening to
have him removed as Special Counsel.
That is not putting America first.


Add your voice to those demanding that Congress put America first. Sign the petition here to insist that if Robert Mueller is removed as Special Counsel, Congress must pass legislation to bring back the office of Independent Counsel and recommend Mueller to be appointed by the judiciary to that position.

"I think it’s a form of political suicide. If you fire one guy, then you fire another, all of a sudden it begins to look like you’re trying to hide something."

—Rep. Mark Sanford (R),
South Carolina

"I believe [Mueller] is going to conduct a full and fair and thorough investigation that we should have confidence in."

—Rep. Marco Rubio (R),

"...[Mueller] is a man of integrity.. and he needs to be able to do his work, and I think it’s better for all of us if that work continues.  ...I think we ought to let him continue to do that."

—Sen. John Thune (R),
South Dakota

“I can't give credence to reports of [firing Mueller], it's such an out-of-bounds thought... I can't imagine that anyone in the White House is seriously discussing that. So it’s hard for me to even respond in a serious way. It's beyond possibility to me that anyone is considering taking that kind of action.”

—Sen. Bob Corker (R),

“[Mueller is] a very distinguished man [with] impeccable credentials...

Let Mr. Mueller complete his work. Less is more. Say little. There’s nothing to say about this if I were president.”

—Rep. Charlie Dent (R),

“I think the best thing to do is to let Robert Mueller do his job. I think the best vindication for the president is to let this investigation go on independent and thoroughly. That to me is the smartest thing to do, the best thing to do, hopefully it will happen."

—Rep. Paul Ryan (R),

“I have a lot of confidence in Bob Mueller. I think it was a good choice."

—Sen. Mitch McConnell (R),

“I think Bob Mueller’s as good as you’re going to find. I don’t see any reason to remove him now... I think it would taint it more to remove him now.”

—Rep. Peter King (R),
New York

“I think there's a lot of confidence in Mueller around here... We've all dealt with him.”

—Sen. Jeff Flake (R),


STEP ONE: Find your Members of Congress HERE

STEP TWO: Call them using the following script:

"Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [CITY].

I’m calling because I am deeply alarmed that it is becoming increasingly likely that Donald Trump will remove Special Counsel Robert Mueller. I fear for our country and the rule of law. Removing Mueller could lead to a Constitutional Crisis. I’m calling to ask [SENATOR/REP NAME] to take a public stand against the removal of Robert Mueller. I do not believe this is a partisan issue. Preventing a man as honorable and respected as Robert Mueller from doing his job is not putting America first. Specifically, I would like [SENATOR/REP NAME] to publicly commit that if Trump fires Mueller, Congress will re-hire him by:

1. Immediately delegating to him Congressional investigatory power.
2. Passing a bill to bring back the Office of Independent Counsel, on a one-time-only basis.
3. Passing a "Sense of The Congress" Resolution recommending Robert Mueller be quickly appointed to that position.

Do you know if [SENATOR/REP NAME] would make such a commitment?

[IF NO] Would [SENATOR/REP NAME] be willing to make a public statement denouncing any removal of Robert Mueller, as Republican Senators Rubio and Collins have already done?"



Congress must tell Trump —

Robert Mueller is a man of the highest integrity. He holds the respect of the law enforcement community and, after being appointed by George W. Bush in September, 2001, went on to be the second longest serving FBI director in American history.

Before his career in public service, Robert Mueller served his country in Vietnam, where he received a bronze star for heroism and a purple heart.

An attack on him and the investigation he is leading is an attack on the best of America.

Draw the Line.
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The likelihood that Donald Trump will arrange for the removal of Robert Mueller from his position as Special Counsel is increasing by the day. Such an action would be a major step toward a Constitutional Crisis and challenge the checks and balances our Founding Fathers put in place.

Congress must act to preemptively to let the Trump Administration know this is where we draw the line. The Trump Administration intervening in the independent administration of justice is not what putting America first looks like. Members of Congress must commit to being the check the Founding Fathers intended.

We demand that Congress publicly commit that if Donald Trump removes Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, then Congress will immediately hire him. Specifically, we demand that if Mueller is removed, Congress:

  1. Immediately delegate investigatory powers to Robert Mueller, as a congressional investigator.
  2. Passing legislation to bring back the Office of Independent Counsel, on a one-time-only basis.
  3. Passing a "Sense of The Congress" Resolution recommending Robert Mueller be quickly appointed as Independent Counsel.
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